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The Workshops
Empowering Change

Explore the future of education with us…

Promoting positive change in social unity, equity, inclusion, and safeguarding.

Media Cultured deliver award-winning, internationally accredited tailored programs that meet the unique needs of each client, ensuring an effective locality-specific approach.

Our innovative strategies incorporate AI, virtual learning platforms, and the implementation of education, film, and sport programs to achieve our shared objectives of peace and social unity.

Change The Game

EDISU: Education, Diversity, Inclusion & Social Unity

The EDISU academia packages support strategies to attract, retain, and support International students. Designed for universities seeking to create a welcoming, knowledgeable and inclusive supportive environment for international students. Such experiences are proven to improve achievement, and foster a sense of belonging within their local communities for students from around the world. 

Rising Stars Of Unity: Empowering Youth for Social Leadership

Our youth development programs for schools and colleges empower young learners to engage in workshops focused on social unity, cultural awareness, and how to recognise, reject and react to divisive ideologies. Our interactive approach ensures students learn valuable skills for personal and social development, shaping them into future leaders of a united world.

Global Educator Development Program

This prestigious teacher training course holds a quality mark and accreditation to the highest British and international teaching standards. 

It places a strong emphasis on cultivating student leaders with international cultural competence, while recognising the importance of inclusion and equity within educational institutions. 

Through this program, educators gain essential skills and knowledge to establish inclusive and equitable learning environments, which are integral to institutional development and accreditation. By nurturing this vital competency alongside values of inclusion and equity, teachers and administrators assume a crucial role in empowering their students to actively contribute to the growth of their local economies, fostering a sense of belonging, and preparing them for success in a globalised world. 
Moreover, it is worth noting that this course is CPD accredited, further attesting to its professional development value.

Pinnacle Pathways: Empowering Elite Corporate Leadership

This world-leading corporate leadership and training development programme will equip your organisations leaders and employees with the knowledge and skills to foster inclusivity and unity in the workplace. Our training programs empower leaders to drive positive change and create a diverse and inclusive corporate culture, ensuring a bright future in our interconnected world.

BRACE: Building Resilience & Countering Extremism 

The BRACE workshops offer a powerful platform for learning and growth. These workshops are specifically designed to equip young people and educators with the necessary tools to combat hate, division, and extremism. They emphasise the importance of collective strategies to tackle racism, anti-Semitism, anti-Muslim racism, and all forms of hatred. These ground breaking workshops empower participants to develop resilience, acquire new skills, and embrace alternative narratives that foster a brighter and more inclusive future. 

Harmony Horizons: Peace, Entrepreneurship & Prosperity

This pioneering youth development program supports college and university age students with learning on equity, education and entrepreneurship. Delivered by industry leaders it will equip and  inspire future leaders of the world. These workshops provide guidance on the  importance of social unity and social entrepreneurship and provide training on both. 

Voices Unheard: Empowering Refugee and Migrant Communities Through Media”

At Media Cultured, we support emerging refugee and migrant communities by empowering individuals through media literacy education and digital storytelling, enabling them to share their experiences and challenge negative narratives. 

By amplifying their voices and showcasing contributions, we aim to foster social cohesion, break down barriers, and protect these communities from discrimination.

Change The Game: Sport, Creatives, & Gaming Events

Experience, attend and partner unique gaming and art events that educate against divisions and hate while promoting peace and understanding. Art, gaming and the meta-verse are incredibly effective creative platforms that provide participants with an engaging opportunity to learn and connect. These inspiring mediums showcase how traditional and digit 

Alternative and bespoke courses available too

If you have any questions about which course or workshop would be most suited to your training needs please get in touch.

Football & Sporting programme

Media Cultured provide Preventing Extremism workshops and support to professional football clubs through the Premier League’s education and safeguarding programmes.

We have also provided pioneering community based events to promote inclusion and diversity with Middlesbrough Football Club.

This support has helped to develop the ‘Riverside By Side’ programme and established the clubs first multi-faith prayer room and BAME supporters club Boro-Fusion.

‘Racial Justice, Equality & Inclusion’

Sessions on the Black Lives Matter movement, the rise in hate post Covid-19 and searching for a better ‘New Normal’ for all of us.

Preventing Extremism & Promoting Unity *

These modules and workshops are designed to ‘train the trainer’, providing the tools and experience to share knowledge and practices with other members of their organisation and service users. Direct presentations and sessions available for staff and students.

Communities & Shared Values **

Community Cohesion and Shared Values assemblies and presentations aimed at children aged 12+.

From Islam to Immigration

Workshops & Presentations intended for children aged 7+ ** Myth busting, interactive engaging and fun.

Alternative Narratives **

A resounding response to Extremist ideologies, through film and educational based proofs and provisions that reject hateful ideologies.

Being a Social Entrepreneur

Running a business / Filmmaking 12+ / Public speaking and mentorship support: The journey to meeting social objectives, realising outcomes, making a difference and developing high impact business skills. Link to Social Enterprise film.

Course marked with ** meets FBV and Statutory Duty requirements as identified by OFSTED.

With a rich history of collaboration spanning two decades, we have partnered with esteemed individuals and organisations, ranging from local schools to the United Nations and grassroots sports clubs to the English Premier League.

Bede Sixth Form College
The event was incredibly informative and the speakers were very approachable and able to engage with the students on such an important cultural topic. We would welcome future contact with Amjid and his team in ensuring further personal development of our learners at the Sixth Form.

Ben Robinson, Principle, Bede Sixth Form

UN Office of Counter-Terrorism
I have had the privilege of collaborating with Amjid on diverse subjects, including sports, computer gaming, and the metaverse. Amjid consistently exhibits the utmost professionalism and a genuine passion for fostering cohesion, understanding, patience, and cooperation.

Leila Ezzarqui, Chief of External Partnerships Section, UN Office of Counter-Terrorism

North Yorkshire Council
This training was incredible, it was engaging and informative, we asked questions, got involved with activities and it really made you think about yourself and the world around you and why equality and cultural awareness matters.

North Yorkshire County Council

B-Skills Ltd,
This was one of the most informative, revealing and fascinating training days I have attended. I am immensely impressed by how Amjid delivered the session on countering extremism and promoting community cohesion in such a naturally engaging way. Whilst the subject matter was very serious, the training was enjoyable and fun, and gave us all a deeper understanding of the issues and duties we face. I highly recommend Media Cultured to all educators, equality & learning development professionals.

C. McKenna, B-Skills Ltd, National AEB Manager

Middlesbrough Football Club
It was a great presentation and has helped me understand a lot about extremism and radicalisation.

Middlesbrough Football Club, U18s

Sunderland Football Club
The fact that there was a personal story within the workshop it helped to give a better understanding of extremism.

Jack Newan

Getting a better understanding of extremism.

Ryan Leonard

North Yorkshire Police
Amjid is a very good speaker and explains things very well, I put "too short" in my feedback because I wouldn't of minded it being an all-day session, it was just that good...

Jonny Day

Police training
The instructor was very professional, knowledgeable on the subject, and presented brilliantly.

Personally I get. More involved and learn more when a speaker is passionate on what they are delivering.

Elliot Chamberlain

Made us all think about the reality and severity of extremism and racism in the UK. Questioning ourselves to speak up more, it was an absolute pleasure attending the session, I did not want it to end.

Zainab Nabeel

James Hadman
Amjid’s dynamic and enthusiastic delivery style brought the session to life, the very diverse range of organisations present also resulted in it being a very interesting discussion and debate.

James Hadman

Donna Dixon
Excellent afternoon introducing me to a subject that is very important, a lot of work to take on, it would be great to have you do a session with our kids and service users.

Donna Dixon

Middlesbrough Football Club
The preventing radicalisation presentation delivered by Amid Khazir on behalf of Kick It Out proved to be a valuable lesson in highlighting the power of the internet and social media in distorting the truth and glorifying hatred in the name of a particular race or religion.

Boro’s Academy Head of Education and Welfare, Barry Dawson

Booking a Workshop

If your organisation has a specific need they wish to address we can work with you to create a presentation or workshop that reflects your needs. Please complete the enquiry form on this page or call 020 3308 2912.

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