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Sports Champions

Media Cultured’s work in sport to promote social cohesion sets us apart from others due to our unique approach.

We use sports as a tool to bring people together from different backgrounds and create a sense of community. Our programs focus on developing teamwork, leadership skills, and communication, which are essential in building strong relationships among individuals.

The internationalisation of our model of work is important because it allows to reach a wider audience and promote the values of social cohesion globally. This approach has proven to be measurably effective as it has resulted in increased participation in sports activities, reduced social isolation, and improved social integration. The positive impact of this work has been recognised by several organisations, and our model is soon to been replicated in more countries. Overall, Media Cultured’s unique approach to sports and social cohesion has set us apart, and our international expansion will promote the values of social cohesion and bring people together from different parts of the world to unite through sport and reject all forms of hate and division.

Change The Game

Media Cultured is proud of their involvement in the following areas:

  • Employee and Corporate Partner training ‘Equality and Extremism’.
  • ‘Match Day Experience’ events and stadium tours.
  • Consultants to the creation the Middlesbrough FC’s first ever multi-faith prayer space.
  • Sponsored social unity workshops for local schools (via Football Clubs).
  • Supported lead educational and anti-racsim initiatives.
  • Training hundreds of stewards in use of multi-faith prayer spaces and how to accommodate fans from all backgrounds on match days.
  • Charity Football Tournament (alongside local and national charities).
  • Establishment of Middlesbrough FC’s first ever BAME supporters club ‘Boro Fusion’.
  • No Barriers’ – Film and project inspired by the story of Walter Tull as part of a wider project undertaken by Middlesbrough FC.